onsdag, september 26, 2007


Jag vill visa vad jag fått i septemberswappen med "Unlimited Textiles", septembertemat var färgkombinationer. Den ena swappen var ett postcard, PC, det är det översta från Laura, det är nålfiltat i ull, Det understa är en liten quiltie= mini ArtQuilt 5 x 5 inch, och denna är från Margaret! Ser ni hur fint dessa två matchar varandra, fast de kommer från olika människor! samma orange/rostbruna färg går igen i båda!

I will share with you what I got in my mail from the septemberswap in the Unlimited Textiles, them; colourcombination. The first is a PC from Laura, and this is nedlefelted wool. The other is a quilite; size 5 x 5 inch, from Margaret, it´s done with silkpainted wonder/under, then some FME and handembroidery. I often did this myself, but I nearly forgotten it! Maybe time to do it again? Can you see how the both is matching each other!? and they are from differnt persons!

THANK you so very much, ladies!

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Shelina sa...

Gunnel, the ones you received, as well as the ones you made are really nice. How nice that they match each other!

Micki sa...

What lovely pieces to receive.

HexagonLady sa...

Patchwork from Skandinavia