fredag, oktober 12, 2007


I have been tagged again, this time from Dianne! And I really, really like you Dianne! but I don´t like to be tagged! Or I can say, I think it´s so much work to find new people to tagged, link to them, and I found they have already been tagged. Or I got a mail back from her, that she said; sorry I don´t want to be tagged!

So I decided me for not tagged anyone more. If you want to read my list over 7 thing about my self you can look here, I think it´s the same now!

Have a nice weekend all my blogfriends, and Dianne, you know I like you!

4 kommentarer:

Julie H sa...

Oh Gunnel I too do not like being tagged! Well done for saying 'no' so nicely.

Barbara sa...

I think like you! Thanks for explaining!...and your fabricpages are wonderful!!

Dianne sa...

Oh Gunnel - I don't mind at all!!!! Don't worry - I agree, being tagged can sometimes be a real pain in the "a". We spend enough time on the computer!!! And I really like you too!!!!!!!!!

Maria sa...

Tack för den snälla kommentaren på min blogg, och lycka till med väskprojektet! Låter lite för avancerat för mig, men säkert roligt när man håller på. En fråga: var kan man få tag på den där Bubble jet set du använder till dina collage, måste man beställa från USA? Samma med gel medium?