lördag, november 17, 2007

Swaps and gift

Här är en underbar gåva som jag fått av min vän Ewa-Christine, som jag fått för att hjälpt henne med en grej. Tack snälla Ewa-Christine, du vet vad jag uppskattar...................!

Here is a lovely gift from my friend Ewa-Chrisitne! She know what I love!

Och här kommer mera godbitar på samma tema, jag och Cecilia har gjort en vintage swap!

And here more goodies. Cecilia and I have done a swap at the theme: VINTAGE!

Här ett jättefint kort från Lorenza i Italien!

Here is a lovely fabric postcard from Lorenza in Italy! Thank you so very much, Lorenza!

Och så detta underbara vykort från Sue B! Det är ett mixed media kort med en gammal karta och gammalt brev på! Trodde först att brevet var svenskt, men ser att det antingen är danskt eller norskt!

And this lovely fabric postcard in mixed media is from Sue B! This is a collage from old maps and letters. The letters are not swedish, but is it from scandianavia; from Denmark or Norway :-) Thank you so very much Sue!

6 kommentarer:

Sue B sa...

You're very welcome for the postcard, I'm glad you like it!

Lorenza sa...

thank you for swapping Gunnel!

karen sa...

Hi! Thanks for your lovely comments today, it cheered me up getting three!!Hopefully you will not have to wait too long to get another gift to go with the lovely things you have here.Karen

Jacquelines blog sa...

It looks like a great swap to me!!!

jude sa...

I read your blog every day but am quiet about commenting. I really want to make fabric postcards! Do you just mail them through the regular post? Does it cost more postage? does the postal service get all cranky when they see a fabric postcard? should they be regulation sized?
Thank you for reading!

Gunnels blog sa...

Hi Jude!
Nice to meet you! I have looked at your site and you are doing great things!
I use to have an envelope for my postcards, because I often have beads or buttons, but if it is plain, you don´t need to have it. And I have send it in different size. The postage are the same as other cards. Good luck! / Gunnel