söndag, maj 25, 2008

Sweet Home Blogger Award

Jag har fått ännu en utmärkelse, denna gång av min svenska bloggvän Eva! Tack snälla EVA för utmärkelsen! Nu är det min tur att ge den vidare till 5 andra bloggare, alltid lika svårt attt välja

I have got this award from my Swedish blogfriend Eva, for sharing, beauty, love and joy through my blog!

Thank dear EVA for the adward, now it´s my turn to choise 5 other bloggers, oh, is it always so hard to choise

But here is 5 blogs that I thought sharing beuty, love and joy through their blogs

I give it to:






6 kommentarer:

Femmy sa...

Thanks so much Gunnel, really apreciate it!!

karen sa...

Thanks Gunnel. What a lovely birthday gift!

Sanja sa...

thank you so much Gunnel for this wonderful award! I so appreciate this.:-)

Jackie sa...

gunnels thank youi so much. I am just about to do a new post so if I can I'll upload the award. I have cut and pasted it into my pictures so we'll see how it goes!

CONNIE W sa...

You do deserve this award - I love seeing all the creative things on your blog!

Hens teeth sa...

Gunnel ~ Congratulations and thank you very much for choosing me, made me happy.