onsdag, maj 21, 2008

they are going on holiday-trip

"De ska på en liten semestertrip"

för Mixed Media Monday, tema: kartor
Jag hittade bilden i min farmors gamla fotoablum och tyckte att den var så kul! Dessutom gillar jag kartor.

"They are going on holiday-trip"

Mixed Media Monday theme : maps
I found this pictures in my grandmothers old photoalbum , and I think it´s so fun, and I like maps :-)

8 kommentarer:

Stempelchaotin sa...

Wow this is brilliant.
Fantastic design.

Rein sa...

Great card, wonderful image.

Femmy sa...

beautiful card Gunnel! and what a great image!!!

Anonym sa...

Wonderful piece, Gunnel! Thanks for participating on Mixed Media Monday! Diane

paru's_circle sa...

lovely card! thanks for taking part in this challenge

Janny sa...

Lovely map!

Sanja sa...

great card,Gunnels!!:-)

Willy sa...

Wonderful card and photo!