söndag, augusti 24, 2008

handbags in retro style

Här är två handväskor i "retro stil" med bambuhandtag och i samme som jag gjort för ett tag sedan
Here is two handbags in "retro style" with bamboo handles and in velvet.
Det finns mera detaljbilder i min Etsy shop om ni vill se
There are more detail pictures on my Etsy shop if you want to look

6 kommentarer:

teodo sa...

With these bags my mind goes back to my 20 and 30 years.
I looked at your shop and the works are fantastic
I will come back often
ciao ciao

Femmy sa...

great bags!!! love the red one!!!!

Waltraud sa...

Beatiful bags!

Ann Christine Dennison sa...

I love the red one too :-)

Tessa sa...

These are lovely bags.

Gunnels blog sa...

thank you !