lördag, augusti 09, 2008

new ATCs and postcards

Under sommaren har jag gjort en del ATC och postcards, de flesta är tillgängliga för byte :-)
Här kommer en del av dom, mera kommer så småningon när jag hinner att ladda upp
During the summer have I done some ATCs and postcards, most of theme are available for trade :-)
This are some of theme, more soon when I have time to upload more

ATC #1 traded
ATC # 2 traded

ATC # 3 traded

Postcard # 4

Postcard # 5

Postcard # 6 traded

Detta är till en vän - Annika
This is for my friend - Annika

Detta är till min vän Christina
This is for my friend Christina

3 kommentarer:

Jacquelines blog sa...

Great ATC's Gunnel, good to have you back. Do you wanna trade?

Doreen G sa...

Lovely ATC's Gunnel--I would love to trade again with you;
I love number 1 but I don't really mind as they are all beautiful.

katelnorth sa...

Hi Gunnel - love the ATCs (and postcards) - would love to trade with you. I especially like the ATCs with the green buttons and little red stitches and/or French knots.