fredag, september 12, 2008


Igår fick jag detta pris BRILLIANTE WEBLOG av Pat, och jag ska nu ge det vidare till 7 andra bloggare! Och som pat skriver på sin sida skulle någon fått det förut så är du bara dubbelt ärad. Så då tar jag till mig det ;-) , jag har nämligen fått det en gång förut, kandke inte så konstigt dessa priser går ju runt som kedjebrev. Ibland har vi tid och ork att skicka vidare ibland inte. Pat är en ny bekantsakp till mig från Etsy, hon är mycket vänlig och hjälpsam. Ta en titt på hennes blogg

Yesterday I´ve got this award from Pat, Pat is a new friend from Etsy and she is very helpful and kind, go and look at her blog! Thank you so very much Pat !!

And here are the rules:

# Add the logo of the award to your blog
# Add a link to the person who awarded it to you
# Nominate 7 other blogs
# Add links to those blogs on your blog
# Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs

And as Pat says; If one of the blogs below has been nominated before -you can feel doubly honoured! So now can I feel doubly hounered, because I have got this award twice :-)

And the winner are:

6 kommentarer:

Viola sa...

Thank you so much, Gunnel! Have a wonderful weekend!! :o)

Alis sa...

Thank you Gunnel. Made my morning to wake up to this ;0)

'fancypicnic' sa...

Ooh, thank you!! How funny is that? We could run a mutual appreciation society!! Thanks so much for thinking of me, Gunnel. Here's to a creative weekend! xx

Victoria sa...

Thank you so much Gunnel, I really appreciate it!
And, Congrats to you for your well deserved awards!

Femmy sa...

congrats Gunnel!!!

hens teeth sa...

Thank you dear Gunnel ~ you are very kind to me and congratulations on you receiving it in the first place ~ very well deserved.