lördag, oktober 11, 2008

more mixed media collage / cards

Nu är det verkligen höst, både ute och inne !
Now we have autumn both outside and indoors! Här kommer en bunt med mera kort i Mixed Media Collage som jag precis gjort färdigt! Dessa kort finns till försäljning i min Etsy shop
Here are more cards in mixed media collage, These cards are for sale in my Etsy shop

4 kommentarer:

Heloise sa...

These are all lovely, particularly the one with three young women. I have a photograph similar to that of my Grandmother and it reminded me of her.

Kayla coo sa...

Beautiful work.

Kelly Fletcher sa...

Love the vintage touches, especially the photo of three women and the button card. Nice work.

Jennie sa...

Vilka fantastiska kort du gör!