torsdag, oktober 09, 2008

Quilting Arts

Idag kom en av mina favorittidningar i brevlådan, Quilting Arts, alltid lika välkommen. Idag är det extra kul när en vän till mig Ewa-Christine Stenport har med en av sina små fina miniquiltar i utamningen "go-green" Alltid kul när en svenska utmärker sig, är hon då också från Göteborg och en vän så är det extra roligt! GRATTIS Ewa-Christine det är du värd !!! Gå och titta på hennes blogg på mera av hennes underbara textilkonst!

Today one of my favourite magazine came in the mailbox; Quilting Arts, always very welcome. But today it´s very fun, because there is a contribute from my friend Ewa-Christine Stenport; one of her beautiful miniartquilts are in the challenger "Go - Green". Go to her blog and look at more of her beautiful textileart!

6 kommentarer:

Sarajessica sa...

Vilken fin tidning! Och grattis till din väninna. :)

ewa-christine sa...

Härligt att följa din blogg från Korsika och solen. Roligt att komma med i Quilting Art, nu väntar vi bara på ditt bidrag....!!

karen sa...

Hi Gunnel! I hope you are well. I have been so busy since I started my new job that I haven't visited very often, sorry. All your work looks as good as ever and congratulations to ewa Christine, it looks so good in the magazine.

Jackie sa...

Gunnel everytime I look at your blog I think I must tell you how much I love the piecethatis your blog header then I forget...well I've rememebred now!

blomman sa...

Också en av mina favorittidningar. Men jag har inte ens hunnit öppna den än.....Skall i helgen.
Ser framemot det.

Anonym sa...

Hi Gunnel. I have been ogling Quilting Arts mag for some time now...wanting to buy, but it was just not in my budget. The other day I decided I could spare the money for a copy and I have the one your friend's art pc is in. I love her work as I do yours. I'm just starting to try doing some similar things myself. The pc that is my avatar on Etsy is my first attempt. I have trouble deciding what embellishments are needed to finish off the pieces. I noticed that you have a piece of tatted lace on the piece that is at the top of your blog home page. I make tatted lace, but not in large amounts. Not enough patience! There is a small piece of tatted lace on my avatar piece. I really enjoy your work and always look forward to seeing new pieces.
Barbara Wood
AKA DownHome Designs