torsdag, december 11, 2008


Lussekatter, mmm här börjar lukta jul !!

In Sweden we call these buns for Lussekatter, it´s saffronsbuns, and we eat them at Lucia at the 13th december, and gingercakes!
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4 kommentarer:

Heli sa...

mmmmm...looks delicious! :)

Alis sa...

Oh Yum!!! I'm on my over to your house ;0)

Lynn sa...

My mother used to make something that looked like these. Perhaps it's just the shape I am remembering, but these look delicious.

Also your fiber work is exqusite. Glad I found your blog!

Jackie sa...

Are they meant to look like eyes? (St Lucy is the patron Saint of eyes isn't she?) They look delicious anyway.