måndag, december 08, 2008

My textile jewellery

Så detta är mina allra första försök med att göra textila smycken, broscher ! Tack alla ni som gett mig inpiration, de var jättekul att göra. Finns till salu i min Etsy shop!
These are my first atempt to make textile jewelry; brooches, and they was really fun to do :-) Thank you all for your inspiration! They are for sale in my shop!

Och här är min senaste förälskelse ! En underbar liten handgjord låda med vackra gamla tidningsbilder på, jag bara föll pladask för den igår på en julmarknad, och visst ser ni också att det står "gunnel" på den ??!!
and here is a beautiful handmade box, I falled in love to it yesterday, I only have to buy it for myself ! It´s handmade and there is paper from old magazine on it. And you can see it is made for me ? Can you see it stand "gunnel" on it ;-))

Och så idag i brevlådan senaste numret av SEW, så vad passar bättre än en kopp te och så läsa denna tidning denna mörka regninga december kväll ??
And today in my mailbox, the latest issue of SEW, so tonight I will have a nice cup of tea, and reading, and outside it´s dark and it´s raining!
Jag ber om ursäkt för att en del bilder är alldeles för stora, andra åt fel håll, jag och blogger är inte rikigt vänner idag ;-)
I am so sorry that some of the pictures are so big, you have to click at them, and others are at the wrong direction, me and blogger aren´t good friends today ;-)
Edit :::: Wow, all my three brooches are already gone, at 0ne hour !!!

11 kommentarer:

ingermaaike sa...

Congrats for the sale on those wonderful brooches!
That box is amazing, my mom used to make them but stopped. Such a pity.

Alis sa...

Gorgeous work as usual Gunnel and well done on the sales - what a buzz!

I love the box ;0)

Heloise sa...

The brooches are wonderful, congratulation on the sales.

Tessa sa...

Beautiful brooches! Well done selling them so fast.
I have been making jewllery from hand painted silk and last week started to make some felt.

Carol Dean sa...

I am not in the least bit surprised that they disappeared so quickly! They are wonderful :D Now you will just have to make some more textile beauties to wear! Congratulations, Gunnel.

Jane sa...

Those brooches are an inspiration. Well done!
I hope there will be more.

Diane sa...

Your work is beautiful! It makes me want to get to work on a project myself! You are an inspiration! I will be back to peak in at your creations again!

My Ladies Fine Designs sa...

WOW !!!!
Congrats, I went to check out your fiber jewelry on etsy and poof, gone. That is fantastic.

ewa-christine sa...

Internationell blogg du har Gunnel. Smyckena är jättefina och likaså asken som jag såg i verkligheten. Skall bli roligt att se det som du gör i framtiden.
Tack för all din inspiration.
kram Ewa-christine

Gunnels blog sa...

thank you so very much for all kind comments !!

Chyadesign sa...

Keep going with your fabric jewellery - for first attempts they are brilliant!!!