tisdag, januari 13, 2009


Ville bara dela med mig av mina fina fynd från tradera! Först en gammal ask med recept från 1920-talet!
I want to share some nice findings from ebay (the Swedish site:tradera) First an old box with recipes from 1920

och även en hel del handskrivna recept
a lot of them are written by hand

Ett par modejournaler; det spelar ingen roll att jag slutat sy kläder för länge sedan, jag älskar fortfarande allt sömnadsrelaterat, speciellt det gamla!
And some old journals with sewingpatterns, for a long time I had finished to sew cloths, but I still love all thing about sewing, especielly the old things!

Sådan här symaskin hade mamma när jag var liten
When I was a little girl my mom had this sewingmachine!

Och såklart knappar kan man aldrig få för många av!
and of course I can newer get enough of buttons!
Så nu får vi se vad för roligt jag kan hitta på med dessa nya trevliga saker! Förmodligen blir det något slags collage. Jag håller förrästen på med ett collage i tyg och papper, med maskinbroderi som jag ska visa en annan dag
I don´t know yet what I ´ll do with those nice things, but I think it´s will be collage. by the way I have a work in progress, in both paper and fabric that I ´ll show you anothere day!

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Lynn sa...

Marvelous finds. Wonder if you'd tell us what you pay for such goodies? I look forward to seeing the outcome of your collage or what ever you make with them.
I love the history that connects you to these items too.
The love of buttons seems to be so universal. Mine stems to my grandmother's button box, and she sewed beautiful things as well.

makeyourpresentsfelt sa...

What a lucky find Gunnel! It will be lovely to see what you do with your new treasures!

meplusmolly sa...

what fab finds! you'll have fun creating with them ;0

Heloise sa...

What wonderful finds. Have fun using them all. I shall look forward to seeing the end results.

Angelika Westermann sa...

Congratulations, Gunnel! That sure are some treasures, especially the handwritten recipes. I was equally happy when I was able to auction an old ledger book with entries dating from the end of the 1900th century, a really old, heavy, and admittedly smelling tome!
I am looking forward to what you are going to do with it.
Cheers, Angelika

Kayla coo sa...

Fantastic finds, I bet you can't wait to use them!

Anni's Art sa...

Wonderful old finds, love old things, interesting to see what you want to do with these wonderful things.

Pia sa...

Så vacker handstil många hade förr i tiden. Sämre är det nu. Ha det så gott med alla dina fynd!

Helen Suzanne sa...

fabulous finds! I particularly like the recipe box and all those wonderful hand-written cards inside - what a treasure trove.

My Ladies Fine Designs sa...

Such treasures!!!
I love the recipes, so interesting to see what this person was cooking back then.