torsdag, juli 30, 2009

a rainy day

Vad gör man regniga semesterdagar ? En rolig grej är att besöka loppisar. Idag hittade jag en gammal fin spets duk, handvirkade fin lakansspets och gamla knappar! Kanhända blir det ett nytt textil collage av det?!

Rainy days is very good days to visit fleamarkets. Today I find beautiful vintage handcrochet lace and vintage buttons!

Maybe I ´ll do a new textile collage :-)

Och här ser ni min äldsta symaskin! Den har tillhört min mans mormor som bodde förut i detta gamla hus jag bor i nu på sommaren. Kan tänka att den har varit använd mycket! Den fungerar fortfarande, men numera har jag den bara till lyst.
Here you can see my oldest sewingmachine! It´s from my husband´s grandmother, who lives here in this old house where I now spend my summers. I think she has sewing a l ot on it, and it works still, but I have it only to look at nowadays:-)

9 kommentarer:

Maria-Thérèse sa...

Såå vackert!

En sådan symaskin är till salu i annons (Tidningen Ångermanland) för 150 kr... Var väldigt nära att ringa men jag tror inte jag skulle använda den och har inte ett helt hus att ställa grejer i ;-)

Chrissie sa...

Lovely machine Gunnel - I used to do all my sewing on a machine like this!

Chris sa...

I love that sewing machine. I just bought one like it, but it needs parts. I intend to use it when it is working, just to see how it is.

Kayla coo sa...

I love the lace you found.
The machine must have many stories to tell.x

Viola sa...

Wonderful sewing machine, Gunnel!

Emmy sa...

lovely lace and a beautiful machine
thanks for your visit to my blog
have a great time


I love the vintage sewing machine and also your flea market finds are very lovely. I shall look forward to seeing what you make with the lace and buttons

Best wishes

Angelika Westermann sa...

Congratulations to you flea market findings, Gunnel! They look wonderful and I am sure you will make some pretty art with it.
I envy you this old sewing machine! I had one like this (it was the only thing I kept when my grandma died) and I really loved it, although it didn't work anymore. Unfortunately we kept it in a house of ours we rented out, and one of the last tenants just took it with him when moving on. Of course we got money from the insurance but this really doesn't comfort me - even if I bought another machine like this in an auction with this money, it just wouldn't be my grandma's machine!
Take care,

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