onsdag, augusti 12, 2009

inspiration from the nature

Forfarande är det sommar ute, även om det känns som den börjar lida mot sitt slut, så mellan regnskurarna är det viktigt att ta vara på den. Jag ägnar tiden åt att plocka upp och komma ordning, i min atelje är det nästan kaos och det ger ingen arbetsro alls. Så jag tar och går ut och fotograferar och njuter av naturen och sparar bilder för kommande vinter

Still, it is summer outside, and even if it feels like the beginning of suffering to an end, so between the rainfalls, is it important to take care of it. I spend time to pick up and order, in my studio, it is almost chaos there and it gives no inspiration at all. So I going out and for walks and enjoy the nature and save images for the coming winter

5 kommentarer:

Kath sa...

What a picturesque lake, how lovely to have such a beautiful and relaxing place to walk. I think I could "waste" lots of time there, thinking, looking and planning! Kath in England

Margaret sa...

sometimes it's just worth it to stop and take a look around, what a wonderful selection of greens you've photographed! M

~*~Magpie's Nest sa...

I am enjoying catching up on your lovely blog Gunnel. So many pretty places to see, your creativity and inspiration!
Your grandmother's embroidery pieces are so wonderful!
Creative chaos is in my studio too...how can it get so bad ??? :)
Happy Weekend to you!
~*~ Patty

Pia sa...

Så underbara bilder, Gunnel. Ha en fin söndag.

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